How to Assign an Empty Value When String is Null in C#.NET

c# if null then empty string

In C#, you may come across situations where you need to ensure that a string variable is never null. A common approach is to assign an empty string (“”) or string.Empty when the string is null. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to assign an empty value when string is null in When you … Read more >>

C# Constant Naming Conventions with Examples

C# Constant Naming Conventions

In this tutorial, we will explore the naming convention for constants in C#. Naming conventions are very important in any programming language, as they help in maintaining code readability and consistency. Understanding Constants in C#.Net Before we delve into the naming conventions, let’s understand what constants are in C#. In C#.Net, a constant is … Read more >>

C# Boolean Variable Naming Convention | C# Boolean Method Naming Convention

c# boolean method naming convention

In this C#.Net tutorial, we will discuss everything about the c# boolean variable naming convention, c# boolean method naming convention, and also, will discuss about c# bool property naming convention. C# Boolean Variable Naming Convention In C#, a boolean variable is often used to represent a state or condition that can be either true or … Read more >>

Naming Convention in C# with Examples

Naming Convention in C# with Examples

In the world of programming, the naming convention is a set of rules to follow as you decide what to name your identifiers such as class, variable, constant, method, etc. Consistent naming conventions can make your code more understandable and maintainable by conveying the role and purpose of the identifier in an efficient manner. This … Read more >>

C#.NET Enum Naming Conventions With Examples

c# enum naming convention uppercase

Enums are one of the important concepts of C#.Net programming language, in this C#.Net tutorial, we will discuss, C#.NET Enum Naming Conventions with a few examples. Enums are a distinct type consisting of a set of named constants called the enumerator list. They are used to assign names to the integral constants which make a … Read more >>

Combobox naming convention in with examples

Combobox naming convention in

In this tutorial, we will focus on the naming conventions specifically for ComboBoxes in C#.NET. We will see, how to provide combobox naming conventions in C#.Net with an example. ComboBoxes are versatile and widely used controls in C#.NET Windows Forms applications, allowing users to select from a list of options presented in a dropdown menu. … Read more >>

C#.Net Fields Naming Conventions [Best Practices With Examples]

C#.Net Fields Naming Conventions

Understanding and following naming conventions in any programming language is crucial. It aids in code readability, maintainability, and overall code quality. In C#, there are specific conventions that developers are advised to follow. This tutorial will guide you through C#.Net fields naming conventions, supplemented with examples. Recently, I was working on a C#.Net windows forms … Read more >>

C#.NET Method Naming Conventions [Complete Guide] method naming convention

In this C#.Net tutorial, we will discuss a complete guide on the method naming conventions. We will see, method naming conventions in C#.Net related to: method naming conventions A naming convention is a set of rules for choosing the character sequence to be used for identifiers in code. Consistent naming conventions enhance the … Read more >>

ASP.NET Control Naming Conventions

ASP.NET Control Naming Conventions

Naming conventions are a crucial part of development best practices. Adopting appropriate naming conventions can improve code readability, maintenance, and understanding. In this tutorial, we will focus on ASP.NET Control Naming Conventions. The naming conventions can be used for all the ASP.NET Web Forms controls. ASP.NET Control Naming Conventions One of the most common conventions … Read more >>

How to create a console application in visual studio code?

Create a console application in visual studio code

In this vs code tutorial, we will discuss how to create a console application in visual studio code. Also, we will see how to create and debug the C#.Net console application using visual studio code. Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code is a free code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS. We … Read more >>