Combobox naming convention in with examples

In this tutorial, we will focus on the naming conventions specifically for ComboBoxes in C#.NET. We will see, how to provide combobox naming conventions in C#.Net with an example.

ComboBoxes are versatile and widely used controls in C#.NET Windows Forms applications, allowing users to select from a list of options presented in a dropdown menu. When developing applications, it’s crucial to follow clear and consistent naming conventions for all objects, including ComboBoxes.

Naming Conventions for ComboBoxes in C#

When naming any object or variable in C#, it’s important to use meaningful names and follow established naming conventions. For ComboBoxes, this often involves using a prefix of “cmb” followed by a description of the data the ComboBox represents.

For example, a ComboBox listing U.S. city names might be named cmbCityNames. This helps you and others understand what the ComboBox is for when reading the code.

Example of Using a ComboBox in C# with Proper Naming Conventions

Here is a simple example of how to create and populate a ComboBox with U.S. city names in a Windows Forms application:

// Create a new ComboBox
ComboBox cmbCityNames = new ComboBox();

// Set location and size
cmbCityNames.Location = new Point(10, 10);
cmbCityNames.Size = new Size(200, 25);

// Add items to the ComboBox
cmbCityNames.Items.Add("New York");
cmbCityNames.Items.Add("Los Angeles");

// Add the ComboBox to the Form

This code creates a new ComboBox, sets its location and size, adds some city names to the ComboBox’s Items collection, and then adds the ComboBox to the Form’s Controls collection so it will be displayed.

To respond when the user makes a selection in the ComboBox, you can add an event handler for the SelectedIndexChanged event:

// Event handler for the SelectedIndexChanged event
cmbCityNames.SelectedIndexChanged += new EventHandler(cmbCityNames_SelectedIndexChanged);

// Implement the event handler
private void cmbCityNames_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Get the selected item
    string selectedCity = cmbCityNames.SelectedItem.ToString();

    // Display the selected city
    MessageBox.Show("You selected: " + selectedCity);

Combobox naming convention in Windows Forms Application

If you are using a combo box in a Windows forms application, then you just need to provide the name in the properties dialog box like below:

Combobox naming convention in
Combobox naming convention in


In this tutorial, we’ve covered the essential aspects of the Combobox naming convention in For ComboBoxes, we usually prefix with “cmb”, followed by a meaningful name that represents the data it contains, such as cmbCityNames for a ComboBox containing city names.

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