How to Add Values to a String Array in C#?

A string array in C# is an array that stores a collection of string data type elements. However, unlike dynamic collections like List, arrays in C# are of fixed size, meaning their size is defined during declaration and cannot be altered afterward. In this C# tutorial, we will explore different ways to add values to a string array in C#.

Add Values to a String Array in C#

Now, I will show you different ways to add values to a string array in C#.

1. Using Array Initialization

The most straightforward way to populate a string array is at the time of its initialization. You can use curly braces to add elements or values to a string array in C#.

string[] names = {"Alice", "Bob", "Charlie"};

2. Using Array Index

After you declare an array, you can also add values to it using an index in C#. The index starts at 0 for the first element.

string[] names = new string[3];
names[0] = "Alice";
names[1] = "Bob";
names[2] = "Charlie";

3. Using the Array.Resize Method

While traditional arrays in C# don’t allow resizing, you can work around this by creating a new array with a different size and copying the elements over. The Array.Resize method can do this for you.

Here’s how you can add an element to an already-declared array using Array.Resize:

string[] names = {"Alice", "Bob"};
Array.Resize(ref names, 3);
names[2] = "Charlie";

4. Using Lists for Dynamic Sizing

If you anticipate the need to frequently resize your array, you might consider using a List<string> instead, which can dynamically adjust its size.

List<string> namesList = new List<string> {"Alice", "Bob"};
// Convert List to Array
string[] namesArray = namesList.ToArray();

Here is a complete example with all the methods to add values to a C# string array.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace StringArrayExample
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Method 1: Initialization
            string[] names = {"Emily", "Sophia", "Olivia"};
            PrintArray("After Initialization", names);

            // Method 2: Using index
            names = new string[3];
            names[0] = "Jack";
            names[1] = "Mia";
            names[2] = "Liam";
            PrintArray("Using Array Index", names);

            // Method 3: Using Array.Resize
            Array.Resize(ref names, 4);
            names[3] = "Noah";
            PrintArray("Using Array.Resize", names);

            // Method 4: Using List
            List<string> namesList = new List<string> {"Isabella", "Emma", "Ava"};
            names = namesList.ToArray();
            PrintArray("Using List", names);

        static void PrintArray(string title, string[] arr)
            foreach (string s in arr)
                Console.Write(s + " ");

Once you run the code, you can see the output below:

After Initialization:
Emily Sophia Olivia 
Using Array Index:
Jack Mia Liam 
Using Array.Resize:
Jack Mia Liam Noah 
Using List:
Isabella Emma Ava Sofia 

Here is the screenshot after I ran the code using a console application.

add values to string array in c#


While arrays in C# have a fixed size, there are multiple ways to populate them, ranging from direct initialization and using indexes to employing methods like Array.Resize and leveraging collections like List for dynamic resizing. I hope now you have an idea of how to add values to string array in c#.

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